Thank you for visiting MyTravelNursing.org! My name is Hannah Doty, and here’s my story that’s building this site.

I’m a pediatric Hematology-Oncology nurse in Fort Worth, Texas. My husband and I travel nursed across Colorado, Oregon, Texas, and Washington over the past few years.

Travel nursing was the most wonderful adventure we’ve had, only now surpassed by the joy of our first child on the way.

A significant contribution to our wonderful experience was the generosity of others. We were fortunate to be mentored by great friends and recruiters for the travel nursing process: they saved us incredible amounts of heartache, sanity, time, and money.

That’s why we’re building MyTravelNursing.org, to help you have the best travel nursing experience possible. We want you to know what to expect, what to avoid, and how to make travel nursing the time of your life. 🙂

Hannah Doty